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For shipping outside of the United States or if you are purchasing more than 4 machines, please give us a call so we can quote shipping. You will notice we have flat rate shipping on our website for each zone.

It is imperative to ONLY sign delivery paperwork with the shipping company after you have inspected
that your slot machine(s) have NOT been damaged in shipping. If ONLY the candle (the top light) is
broken, we can easily send a replacement piece without filing a claim.

If your shipment has been damaged, do NOT sign the shipment paperwork. We must then file an
insurance claim including photos of your damaged machine(s). Once an insurance claim has been filed, it
takes approximately 60-90 days to process to get an exchange or refund. Thank you for your patience
and help in resolving any shipping damages that may occur.

Once you’ve received your machine, now follow these Setup Instructions so you can begin enjoying it soon.

  1. Unwrap your machine and let it warm up to room temperature. Depending on where you live
    and the season, this could take several hours. Too hot or too cold isn’t ideal, you want it just
    right. Please be patient.
  2. Once you have selected the machine’s location in your home, you need to locate the power
    cord. To do so, open the main door lever on the right side of your machine, push down while
    pulling the door towards you to open. The cord will be inside of your machine near the CPU
    (silver box). You will need to locate it and feed it through the bottom of the machine by tilting
    the machine forward. Note: If you have any trouble doing so, there are many YouTube videos
    posted for each machine type. Example: Type in “IGT G20 Setup” in YouTube.
  3. After you have plugged in your machine, you need to turn on the On and Off Switch inside the
    main door area. Each machine’s switch is in a slightly different area. Close the machine doors
    and allow 4-5 minutes for the machine to process like a computer does.
  4. Your machine is ready to play by inserting your bills. Enjoy playing and remember to keep your
    machine powered on at all times. These machines are designed for casinos, not for home use.
    When you turn them off, your batteries may die causing additional issues. We highly
    recommend using a surge protector to protect the CPU board from power surges.

For tech related questions, please contact the tech line only. We ask that you please not contact everyone you spoke to at our office because we try to streamline our process for optimal efficiency for our customers and staff. A tech will respond as soon as they can. We pride ourselves on great customer service and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Our typical office hours are 8 AM – 5 PM Monday-Friday Eastern Standard time, but we do respond as best as possible outside of normal business hours.